Livestock Update

April 2022

Here they are – our (up to now) 195 beautiful young steers: Black and Red Aberdeen Angus, and a few cross breeds Angus x Hereford (white blazed).

Grass-fed beef production as part of the soil carbon solution.
This project helps our integrated farming system to regenerate the soil for a climate-positive outcome. Animal welfare is our top priority.

We have separated 70 hectares and sown a multi-species pasture, which provides diverse nutrients for the steers. The cattle are roaming the pasture and helping to incorporate plant residues into the soil.

The building of the multipartite fence construction started in August 2021 – a big undertaking. Every day, the cattle are moved to a different plot, to make sure there is no overgrazing taking place. The short time grazing triggers the growth effect of the plants and lets them grow even faster. It allows their roots to develop more deeply into the ground and loosen up the soil. These stronger and longer roots have better groundwater access.

Behind this concept stands a dedicated network of experienced agronomists and cattle managers. All our team members enjoy treating animals and nature in the best possible way.

Pictures: Open-range cattle in our multi-species pasture, the new corral, the windmill, and the well with Antonio and Ernesto in front