Conception & Commitment

The Importance
of Complexity


La Delia Verde is a farm that is run based on regenerative and integrated principles and practices. It is organized and developed by a diverse team and network.

This farm is run regeneratively as we both believe and have experienced, that this concept is the solution for responsible farming for future generations.

Above all stands a love and respect for nature, the conviction in the necessity of (bio-)diversity and complexity, including the sheer joy of development.

Use Your Head and Listen
to Your Gut


Visionary thinking, multidisciplinarity, expertise, agility, communication on eye level, openness, tolerance, trust, outcome-orientation and transparency unite our way of working. These values grew organically and have manifested themselves as the foundation of our work structure. We want to continue to work with people who support this framework.

Cultivating land always has an impact on the environment. We want to transform our environmental responsibility and potential into an outcome that benefits everyone and everything connected to our farming. This is a fundamental part of our conception of a new standard of farming in the industry, which we would like to continuously help create. To us, economic growth must always include sustainability.

We are aware that in the past the pristine conditions and location of this project would have been exploited for economic profit, but this historically has come at the cost of soil health, ecosystem revitalization as well as social and economic regeneration. Therefore, this kind of focus would be a threat to the future fertility of the land. We are looking for mid- and long-term solutions for this, together with a global redesign of the farm.

We commit all our aspirations to ecological, social and economic balance and regeneration. The well-being of the project manifests in its equilibrium and growth.